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My Story and Purpose

"You'll be dead or in prison before you make it to eighteen" Penetrating words coming from your parents that hit me like no other. Born into a drug addicted, abusive, poverty stricken home and community, I fell into everything that was expected. An older brother who taught me how to fit in with gang members at a young age, a mother sent to prison, and an alcoholic father, I was simply following everything I knew. But I always felt I was capable of so much more. There's a few things I love more than beating adversity, and one of them is helping others, while giving back to my community and the world. I live with an undying need to continue to win battles against myself every day, reaching new heights and achievements. Relentlessly teaching others we need to be in competition with ourselves, before we look to compete with others. Preaching the importance to reduce comparison to those who haven't been in your shoes, and instead compare to yesterdays version of you. Everyone is capable of unimaginable things, and I fell in love with helping people unlock their unseen potential; Unseen by them of course. The world is yours, and I am determined to prove that to each and every one of my clients.

Who I Help

Everybody can use help in one way or another. It is my job to help every person I can, in every way that I can. BelievingBennin helps in all areas, and caters to every type of person. Procrastinators, those who are unhappy in their life position, go-getters, high achievers, those with insecurities, and those with higher aspirations. Anyone and everyone is subject to help, and I have a strong inclination to help every one of my clients flourish and find genuine happiness.

How I Do It

Over the years I have developed many different strategies to help one achieve their highest potential. Methods backed by science and neurochemistry, personal preferences and experiences, and experiences with clients from different circumstances and arrangement of goals, I compile it all to continuously develop and grow my programs, attempting to create the most efficient, successful programs, that genuinely benefit all sides. 

What's in It for You

"The grass isn't greener on the other side, it's greener where you water it." Although my programs provide structure, organizational vision, and success, they are designed to develop and instill the everlasting habits required to succeed on your own, with your own terms and your own personal desires. BelievingBennin intends to be a stepping stone into one's unseen potential, and most importantly, a helping hand into their most desired future.

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